The Terracotta Warrior Great Banquet & Auction

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Media Release
September 28th, 2012

Terracotta Warriors find new homes and raises $170,000 for Easter Seals BC.

Vancouver, BC - The BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities, Terracotta Warror Public Art Project raises $170,000 benefitting Easter Seals programs and services for children with disabilities throughout BC and the Yukon

Thirty four Terracotta Warriors, all which have been on public display since April, were auctioned last night during a traditional Chinese banquet at the Continental Seafood Restaurant in Richmond, BC.

Nearly 300 guests and many artists attended the Great Terracotta Warrior Banquet & Auction and enjoyed a 10 course Chinese meal.  The evening was emceed by the renowned 'Man About Town' Fred Lee, while the auction was overseen by Barry Scott of Maynards Auctioneers.  other notable guests included the Honorable Mike Nixon, Minister Tourism & Culture, Yukon.

The top selling Terracotta Warriors were:

1. Blue and White Porcelain-Ware by artist Regina Liao, and sold for $8,750
2. Aging of Time by artist Dean Lauze, and sold for $8,250
3. Enlightened Warrior by artist Cathryn Jenkins, and sold for $6750
4. Past and Present by artist James Postill, and sold for $6,750

The BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities has been a registered charitable organization since 1952.  The Lions Society provides specialized programs and services, such as 3 Easter Seals Houses, 3 Easter Seals Camps and patient care grants.  The Society's mandate is to support children with special needs throughout BC and the Yukon.

For information please visit or call 604-873-1865