Artist Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in being part of the Terracotta Warriors project. 
Artist Submissions are now closed.  We welcolme you to watch for future projects.

How to Get Involved as an Artist

The BC Lions Society seeks talented artists or groups of artists working as a team to adorn the fiberglass Terracotta Warriors.  Artists with all levels of experience are invited to apply.  All completed works must be original.  A selection committee may review applications for acceptance.

Criteria for selection is based on:

    ·         proven skill in the artist’s proposed medium
    ·         strength of past artworks
    ·         ability to create a unique Terracotta Warrior

Select Artist’s designs will be shown to individual and corporate sponsors.  If we are successful in pairing the artist’s design with a sponsor, then the artist will be contracted to work on a Terracotta Warrior.  The artist will be required to execute a contract with The BC Lions Society prior to beginning work.  All completed Terracotta Warrior sculptures must represent the original design approved by the BC Lions Society.

The artist’s contract will include, but not be limited to:

    ·         ownership of the Terracotta Warrior design and rights by the BC Lions Society
    ·         the right to sell all rights of the Terracotta Warrior by The BC Lions Society
    ·         the rights of the artist

Artists wishing to be considered must submit the following:

    ·         a set of 5 photos (slides or pictures) of recent work
    ·         a completed application form
    ·         a maximum of 100-word description or Vision of your Terracotta Warrior design
    ·         1 or 2 drawings of your Terracotta Warrior design on 8 ½” x 11” paper (if you are going to use colour in 
your design, please use colour on your drawing
    ·         A current resume
    ·         A self-addressed return envelope with postage if you would like your materials returned to you
    ·         The name of your Terracotta Warrior (no more than 30 characters)
    ·         contact info including: the artists name, address, phone, fax, email

All final Terracotta Warrior designs must take the following into consideration:

    ·         artistic design over commercial design
    ·         no advertising or logos
    ·         no political, religious or sexual content in the design
    ·         no design that will create negative controversy
    ·         the design should have something to do with Asian culture whether it relates directly to the Qin Emperor
         and the discovery of the Terracotta Army or whether it highlights a piece of Asian culture in either BC or Asia
    ·         must ensure public safety (i.e. no sharp protruding objects)
    ·         must accommodate public access and be relatively vandal proof
    ·         the artist must use the approved paints as listed in the technical specifications.  
Once completed the BC Lions Society will apply the final protective coating to the Terracotta Warrior.

Some technical information:

The Terracotta Warrior comes with a metal base and stands about 7 ft high.  The Terracotta Warrior is made out of fiberglass and will come primed.  Before applying paints or other materials, we recommend you give the sculpture a light sanding then apply your own primer and then do a test on a small part of the Terracotta Warrior to ensure the suitability of your materials.  We will need a list of the materials you used for our records.  Whether you paint, adhere or cut into the Terracotta Warrior, please always ensure that you are wearing safety goggles, protective clothing and you have proper ventilation.

The BC Lions Society will transport the Terracotta Warrior to and from the artist’s studio.

Deadline for submissions:

February 2012

Deadline for completion of Terracotta Warrior:

To be mutually determined by The BC Lions Society and the artist

Additional Details:

A)    Materials and Technical Terracotta Warrior Information
rtists may adorn the Terracotta Warrior, however; the final piece must be durable, non-breakable and be 
able to withstand BC’s outdoor weather.  Most of the Terracotta Warriors will be situated on sidewalks 
and might be prone to vandalism.

       It is mandatory that paint be either artist grade acrylic or artist grade oil.

       Any other materials used by the artist should first be checked with The BC Lions Society prior to using.

       The Terracotta Warrior sculpture is made of reinforced fiberglass and primed for oil or acrylic, which allows 
for an easily painted surface and durable construction.
·         The Terracotta Warrior weighs approximately 120 lbs.  
·         The metal base weight approximately 50 lbs.

        If the artist’s design requires site specific and customized installation, the artist will be required to work
        with the BC Lions Society and the Sponsor to complete this task.

B)     Agreement
        Upon acceptance of the artist’s design, The BC Lions Society will execute appropriate 
documentation concerning rights.

C)    Artist Responsibilities
Artists will be responsible for the realization of their project and possible attendance at public events 
during the project display.

D)    Display Sites
The BC Lions Society and the Sponsor will identify sites in Metro Vancouver and Greater Victoria where 
the Terracotta Warriors will be placed.  The BC Lions Society reserves the right to choose the site. 
The BC Lions Society will be responsible for transporting and placing the adorned Terracotta
 Warrior throughout Metro Vancouver and Greater Victoria.

E)    Artist Honorarium and Recognition
All artists’ chosen for the Terracotta Warrior’s Artist Roster and then successfully paired with a Sponsor 
        will receive and be recognized in the following manner:
           ·         Artists will receive an honorarium of $1,000 upon completion of the sculpture 
                ($250 when they receive the sculpture and the balance of $750 once completed)
·         Artist name on the plaque on the base of their adorned Terracotta Warrior
·         Artist name will be listed in the “Terracotta Warrior Map” which will show location, sponsor and 
artist of every Terracotta Warrior and all event signage
·         Listing of artist name on the website ( with a link to their own website, 
              if artist provides this to the BC Lions Society
·         The sincere appreciation from the BC Lions Society for their support of the Terracotta Warrior 
              Public Art Project and its related activities

Artist Application Form.pdf

Terracotta Warrior Outline for design

Artist Reference Materials:

The following pdf's contain both illustrations and explanations of symbolic values which can be used for general reference of designs.

Chinese Symbols and Art Motifs.pdf

If you are interested in being an artist, please complete the artist application form and send it to:

Terracotta Warriors
Attn: Connie Silas
3981 Oak St
Vancouver, BC  V6H 4H5