We hope you enjoyed our Terracotta Warrior Public Art Project, all Warriors have now be moved off the streets and sold at Auction.

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A Public Art Exhibi...
By Stephen J. Miller...


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'Past and Present

Artist: James Postill
Sponsor: Tourism Vancouver


'The Golden Warrior'

Artist: Wilfrido Limvalencia
Sponsor: Shaw TV


'Aging of Time'

Artist: Dean Lauze
Sponsor: The Vancouver Board of Trade/
                Spirit of Vancouver


'Tlingit Warrior'

Artist: Una-Ann Moyer
Sponsor: Odlum Brown Limited


'Metallic Warrior'

Artist: Martin Collins
Sponsor: Rio Tinto Alcan


'The Guardian Warrior'

Artist: Mandy Boursicot
Sponsor: O'Brian Family Foundation


'Enlightened Warrior'

Artist: Cathryn Jenkins
Sponsor: CIF Composites


'Year of the Dragon'

Artist: Jackie Tahara
Sponsor: UBC Sauder School of Business



Artist: Kathy Zhang
Sponsor: KPMG


'Steel Unwoken'

Artist: Dan Stotten
Sponsor: Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory


'The Union'

Artist: Darren Palmer
Sponsor: DDB Canada

'I Through the Space of Time'

Artist: Juma Wu
Sponsor: Century 21


'The Brilliant Warrior'

Artist: James Tan
Sponsor: Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden


'Great Wall and Meng Jiangnu'

Artist: Arthur Cheng
Sponsor: Scotiabank


'The Last Empress'

Artist: Amy Lau & Rob Dolphin
Sponsor: Certified Folder Display


'Cultural Warrior'

Artist: Tony Yin Tak Chu
Sponsor: MCL Motor Cars


'Blue and White Porcelain-ware'

Artist: Regina Liao
Sponsor: Caorda Web Solutions


'The General'

Artist: Dean Lauze
Sponsor: Rosebud Properties


'The Protectors'

Artist: Richard Brodeur
Sponsor: Vancouver Renfrew Lions


'The Spirit Warrior'

Artist: Hilda Ho
Sponsor: Scotiabank


'The Son of Heaven'

Artist: Erin Foggoa
Sponsor: Grand Villa Casino/Delta Burnaby Hotel & Conference Centre


'Rising Phoenix'

Artist: Erin Foggoa
Sponsor: Air North, Yukon's Airline &
                   MacBride Museum of Yukon History


'Base Stone of China'

Artist: Herman Zheng
Sponsor: River Rock Casino Resort


'Romantic Journey to the Land of the Dragon'

Artist: Herman Zheng
Sponsor: Continental Seafood Restaurant



Artist: Brandon Gabriel
Sponsor: Parker Place Mall


'Mystical East, Ancient Land of Civilization'

Artist: Herman Zheng
Sponsor: Tourism Richmond


'The Golden Warrior'

Artist: Neil Chen Yang Chung
Sponsor: Teldon Print Media


'Reflect Upon the Glory Days, be the Eternal Pioneer of Canada!"

Artist: Herman Zheng
Sponsor: Richmond Chamber of Commerce


'The Utopian'

Artist: Wilfrido Limvalencia
Sponsor: Richmond Centre


'The Guardian of the Dragon'

Artist: Silvana Rusan
Sponsor: Scotiabank


'Wu Chang'

Artist: Tiana Kaczor
Sponsor: City of Richmond


'Treasure Map'

Artist: Jeanette Jarville
Sponsor: The Luding-Sekikawa Family


'Buried Treasure'

Artist: Jeanette Jarville
Sponsor: Air North, Yukon's Airline &
                   MacBride Museum of Yukon History


'The Warrior of Love'

Artist: Joe Mandur, Jr.
Sponsor: The BC Lions Society