The Great Terracotta Warrior Public Art Project has now come to an end, the Warriors have gone up for Auction and now have new homes. 

Thank you to all our Patrons, Artists, Partners, Guests and Purchasers for helping us raise $170,000 to benefit Easter Seals Programs and Services for children with disabilities in BC and the Yukon.

The Terracotta Warriors Book

This beautifully designed book has been created by Stephen J. Miller & David Oberman detailing the project and showcasing all the Warriors.  Get your copy today by visiting

A Public Art Exhibi...
By Stephen J. Miller...


Check out our Terracotta Warrior Art Project Video by Ecovideo

What is the Terracotta Warrior Public Art Project?

he British Columbia Lions Society for Children with Disabilities/Easter Seals is proud to announce their newest art project "The Terracotta Warriors", this limited edition public art project will run from April 2012 to October 2012.  The  BC Lions Society will develop a limited edition of Terracotta Warrior sculptures to be sponsored by individuals or organizations and painted by local artists similar to the BC Lions Society’s Orcas, Bears and Eagles ... in the City. These sculptures will then be displayed on the streets throughout the duration of the project.

Here’s how it Works…

Local artists, in partnership with sponsoring individuals or organizations, will create a unique design and apply it to the surface of a 7 foot custom formed fiberglass Terracotta Warrior. The Terracotta Warrior becomes the artist’s canvas. Once the work is complete, the Terracotta Warrior will be displayed in prominent public spaces around the participating cities. A “Terracotta Warrior Map” will be created and distributed throughout participating communities showing the location, sponsor and artist.

The Goals of the Terracotta Warrior Project are Very Simple:

  • To create an event that provides maximum exposure to sponsoring individuals or organizations, artists and the recipient charity
  • To invite tourists from around the world to visit our province
  • To produce an event that encourages the ‘Arts’, local businesses and individuals to come together in a spirit of community fundraising, benefiting the important work of the BC Lions Society’s Easter Seals Services for children with disabilities
  • To generate artistic creativity and showcase BC artists
  • To celebrate the cultural diversity of our province and promote civic pride
  • To capture the imagination of children, adults and tourists alike.

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